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B2V Coaching

Are you the voice of your business?

Do you wish you could sound more professional and confident when you record and present? 


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B2V Consulting

Want to incorporate audio into your company's advertising or marketing materials?

Are you looking for creative ways to use audio to connect with your customers and employees?

I'll work with you and your staff to find great audio solutions for your front-facing and in-house projects, allowing you to focus on your message. My services range from consultation to project management.

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The Free Fifteen

Thinking about consulting or coaching with me?


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As the guest on this episode of The New Normal Webinar Series by HUTdogs Training, I answered the questions "Where can I use narration?" "What tools do I need to record?" and "What will improve my narration?" Big thanks to MJ Finstrom and David Finstrom for the opportunity to share some coaching tips with business owners. Click here to watch the full video.