Echodrama EU Grant


$633K E.U. Grant

In 2013, Echodrama received a grant from the European Union - an unprecedented 464,800 euros (approximately $633, ooo) - to produce two evening-length productions. The grant covered most expenses including salaries for dancers, designers and production staff, rental of facilities and equipment both on the mainland and on the islands, radio and TV advertising, and marketing materials. The grant allowed presenters throughout Greece to offer free cultural performances to locals and tourists during the height of Greece's economic crisis.

The grant did NOT, however, allow for Echodrama as an organization to take any salary or fees at all. This means that the founders (Yannis Pisimisis and Sevi Dimitriadou) were unpaid for their two years of preparation and work, and that neither the choreographers (their daughters Daniela Pisimisi and Phaedra Pisimisi) nor Yannis as composer could take any money from the grant for their contributions to the project. 

As part of the E.U. grant, Echodrama also organized seven incredibly successful workshops, bringing choreographers from Europe, the UK and South America to Greece.