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I'm a Rockstar, Baby!

Wait! Are you telling me that those singing voices are you?! WHAT??? Dena! You are a rockstar! That changes everything. Haha, you are a chameleon! I love it!
— Allison Schneider, BookheadEd Learning

Of all of the pieces I've recorded for BookheadEd Learning, these three pieces have been the most challenging and rewarding.

A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue by Wendy Shalit
"Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson" from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Freedom Summer: The Savage Season of 1964 That Made Mississippi Burn and Made America a Democracy by Bruce Watson

Wendy Shalit's style in A Return to Modesty is so incredibly engaging that words flowed off the page and into the microphone.

Freedom Summer had a terrific challenge... lyrics! So... when you're recording an audiobook with lyrics... do you speak them? Half-heartedly sing-speak a la Rex Harrison? (did I just date myself? oh, dear.) Or do you, as I did, call upon your Inner Gospel Goddess and shake the walls?

When I submitted it - thinking that I had gone waaaaay over the top and the client would hate it - my client, the amazing Allison Schneider, asked if instead I could sing it myself, with my own voice. :) Her quote says it all!