WOW!!!!!!! You sound AMAZING!!!!!!! Dena. Oh my God. You have the best sounding studio, and I’m insanely jealous. If everyone had a [Sennheiser] 416, a 7’X7’ whisper room, and your voice, we’d just get rid of email and send messages to each other this way!
— Ed Cunningham, voice actor (edschopshop.com)

(My Whisperroom Studio)

"You're getting a clubhouse?"
I had said "home studio" but my husband heard "no-boys-allowed-you've-got-cooties-secret-handshake-keep out."

"Prepare to encounter
your Sacred Space!"

I had said "home studio" but Joe, the sax-playing previous owner of the "clubhouse" heard "spiritual-retreat-with-chanting-and-incense-and-stuff."

And, ironically, that's pretty close. Except for the keep-out part. Visitors (even boys) are always welcome in The Sacred Clubhouse. 

Sennheiser 416

a rockin' little Scarlett 18i8 preamp
MacBook Air
Adobe Audition
Twisted Wave
Phone patch/ipDTL
ISDN/SourceConnect by appointment

In my ongoing quest for brevity (oh, hahahaha), below is me in a nutshell. If you really want to delve, look me up at any of the social media links below.

And if the sun is still up and you want to do coffee, call me!

The Nutshell
Grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, moved to Southern California to study Theatre Stage Management at USC, worked professionally in the arts for a really long time... never really left.

Got a Mac. Brain exploded. 
Became a graphic designer.  Years passed.
Got a bunch of devices to contain said brain.

Did some singing, with jaunts to Italy and Carnegie Hall.

Married bliss. Fabulously wacky stepdaughters. Dog. Oh, the dog.

Decided I wanted to have that dollar for every time someone told me, "You should do voiceover!"

Turned my voice into a career... a really, really, ridiculously fun career.

Discovered The Arts Council for Cal State University, Northridge. Honored to have been their President.

Produced "The Very Special Arts Festival" at Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Music Center.

Learning the Railboard. Plum. Oh, yes.

Joy. Joy. Joy. Joy. Joy.