Recently I have been helping Echodrama, a contemporary dance company in Athens, Greece, develop the contacts they will need here in the U.S. to plan a tour to the States. I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the group's co-director out to Seattle in September of 2014 for the Western Arts Alliance booking conference and have since continued helping them network with the presenters and agents we met there. Below is a little video of their work I compiled and narrated to showcase their productions as part of our Kickstarter promo.

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Echodrama is a contemporary dance company based out of Athens, Greece. 
They depict modern challenges in light of Ancient Greek mythology, allegory and culture.

Echodrama productions engage audiences at so many levels... explorations of philosophical ideas, educational components emphasizing Greek history, culture and mythology, stunning visuals that seamlessly blend dancers with the environment, and an always engaging, sometimes jarring, soundtrack that underscores the beauty, conflict, tension, redemption and universality that permeates each work.

Echodrama is:

Yannis Pisimisis - Co-Director and Composer
Sevi Dimitriadou - Co-Director and Choreographer
Daniela Pisimisi - Choreographer and Dancer
Phaedra Pisimisi - Choreographer and Dancer

Things to know about Echodrama Cultural Group:

 They use Greek literature and mythology to reflect modern culture.

• Their core group of dancers have been with them since 2001.

• Each show has an educational component and can be presented to school groups as young as 3rd grade.

• All of their productions have used original music composed for the ensemble, and most of the productions have featured live musicians onstage with the dancers.